Sankoré 3.1

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the open-source software suite for digital teachers

Three integrated functions in one outstanding tool


Since its creation in 2003, Uniboard has been designed for and with its users. A team composed of professors from the University of Lausanne, communication specialists, neuropsychologists and computer program developers collaborated to produce the Uniboard tool with the aim of making
it as easy to use as a traditional blackboard.

Uniboard is an application that combines the simplicity of traditional teaching tools (blackboard, overhead projector) with the advantages of a computer. It works on both interactive screens (graphics tablet, tablet PC) and Interactive Digital Boards (IDB), as well as on a personal computer,
where the mouse is used to prepare a presentation.

This universal application with outstanding performance is currently available in open source with the Sankoré program.

This gives the right to use, duplicate, modify and distribute the software. It is continuously studied, improved and adapted to new needs through open access to the software source code, which is not the case with proprietary IDB applications.


The teaching designer provides access to everything a teacher needs to know to design and build a lesson. This tutorial explains the benefi ts of the IDB, different learning situations and different models of teaching interactivity


The editor enables inserting texts, illustrations, images, videos and animations in a teaching scenario using simple, intuitive tools.

It also enables creating teaching interactivity from an interactive teaching animations library. This interactivity can be continuously enriched by calling on developers in the manner of the App Store or the Androïd Market.

This editor provides easy indexing of resources created, publishing them in the Sankoré resource database and sharing them with a simple click.